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 Your Sino-Canadian Lawyers
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About Us
Sino-Canadian Lawyers
We are a business and corporate law firm providing strategic legal advice to international companies conducting business in BC Canada. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We provide the following legal services for

  • Companies establishing presence in BC, Canada

  • Purchase and sales of business in BC. Canada

  • Investment in Canadian Companies

  • Direct investment into BC, Canada

  • Investment and skill immigration

  • Corporate Intellectual Properties

  • Corporate advisory, commercial transactions, merger / acquisitions, joint

    ​venture and capital raising

Our team of lawyers has worked with many large international companies in preemptively protecting their intellectual properties and  in setting up their corporate entities in Hong Kong for the Chinese market.       
We​ will provide legal support for your Asian business ventures in Canada.
Canadian business ventures in 
Hong Kong and China

Our Services
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   International Lawyers
With qualification from civil and common law countries, our lawyers are able to formulate solid legal strategies for Canadian companies going into China. and for Chinese companies coming into Canada.
As the size of middle class in China is growing, demands for products and services are growing. For many Canadian companies, this is now the right time for going into China.
Hong Kong
For Canadian companies, Hong Kong is becoming more and more important as the legal and final bridge in going into  China.  Many international companies are relying on Hong Kong law in working with Chinese corporations.  
Practice Areas
  1. Immigration
    We have a long success record in immigration programs.
  2. Business
    We understand your business needs.
  3. Corporate
    We work with many corporate clients as their general consel.
  4. Corporate Strategy
    We help our clients in in limiting their corporate exposure to liabilities .
  5. Intellectual Properties
    We help Canadian companies to protect their intellectual properties in China.
  6. Resources
    We work with clients in acquiring commercial properties